Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the key to fulfilling our mission of reusing donated furniture to renew the lives of those who have experienced homelessness as a result of disaster or crisis. On average, we have 75-100 weekly volunteers.

Scheduling Your Volunteer Opportunity: Connect with us at

Shifts/Hours Available: We reserve Wednesdays and Fridays for corporate volunteers. Shifts are typically 10 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm with flexibility.

Volunteer Capacity: Maximum of 12-20 volunteers per shift; minimum of 4

Volunteer Activities: Activities are varied and include tasks such as cleaning and organizing the client showroom, processing and sorting donations, and cleaning, repairing, and painting furniture. Volunteers often participate in large cleaning and reorganizing projects and assist with our re-direct program where we sort items to donate to other nonprofits. We also offer landscaping/gardening activities.

Additional Forms of Participation: Your company may have a program that matches volunteer manpower hours with a monetary gift. Please check with your HR office to see if this is offered at your company!

We accept financial contributions to offset the operational expenses in maintaining our facility to offer quality, affordable furniture to families in need. It costs $1,100 to serve an average family of four.

Collection Drives: Prior to your designated corporate volunteer day, consider asking employees to participate in a collection drive to bring useful and essential household items to The Green Chair Project. Please see the bottom of this page for Collection Drive ideas.

Parking: We offer convenient parking right in front our building. Overflow parking is in the rear of the building.

“Eastman recently established an office in the area and our team members wanted to find a service opportunity in our newly adopted community. With a mission of encouraging and empowering those in the face of adversity, The Green Chair Project was an excellent choice for a community partner. In addition, their focus on recycling and reusing aligns with Eastman’s commitment to protecting the environment. The Green Chair Project staff had our work well planned out and we were able to immediately jump into getting furniture ready for clients. We saw the immediate benefit when some furniture went directly to the showroom and then on to clients for their new apartments. Volunteering at The Green Chair Project is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for groups of all sizes.”

J. Stewart Witzeman
Director, Eastman Innovation Center

 Collection Drive Ideas:

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