Those We Served in 2016

2016 was The Green Chair Project's busiest year to date! Thanks to our partner agencies and the generosity of our community we served over 500 households. That's over 1200 men, women, and children from various backgrounds and circumstances! 

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In September we partnered with CASA to help 11 veterans shop for furnishings for their brand-new apartments. CASA is committed to developing high-quality, affordable housing that provides individuals a place to call home and we are honored to help those individuals get furniture for their new homes. 

 Andre is a North Carolina native who injured his foot during Basic Training in  the Army. After the military, Andre worked in various industries, however,  due to his foot injury he had to quit working. Andre is working with his  doctors for a long-term solution for his feet. He shared that he is most  excited to have a place for his grandkids to come visit him and spend the  night and that he is proud to be independent again. 

Jesse is a veteran of the Army, Air Force Reserves and Army National   Guard who had been homeless for three years and was living out of his   car while going to school for culinary arts. He was excited to get a desk   and a chair to use while studying in his new apartment. Watch the video  to the right to see more of Jesse's story.                                          

Families & Individuals


Jewell got a cart full of items for her home and the bath basket that she chose was by far her favorite purchase. A bath basket includes shower towels, hand towels, washcloths, a shower curtain, a shower curtain liner, shower curtain rings, a bath mat, and additional accessories. When she got home the bath basket was the first thing she unpacked!



This client was transitioning from a group home to his first apartment. He was excited to find everything he needed to equip his new home in his favorite color, black! He even found the perfect accessory basket that coordinated with the furniture he picked out.


Jennifer came to her appointment with her case manager and her friend, Calvin, who mentioned that he had shopped at The Green Chair before. He had a big smile on his face when he said that he still had all the furniture that he had gotten when shopping and that it was still in really good condition. A year and a half after his appointment, he is happy and doing very well. Jennifer was able to get everything she needed for her new apartment. She said it felt like Christmas had come early and when she walked around the corner and saw the accessory baskets and her face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. She could not wait to get home and set everything up in her new home!

 Jamie and her children lost their home in 2015 and had to stay in shelters.  She has been working full time and was able to purchase a home for her  family. She came to The Green Chair to pick out furniture for her new home,  including this big red couch that she fell in love  with!                                                                  


This little girl has 5 brothers and she was thrilled to be able to shop with her mother. They loved this accessory basket and were very excited to be able to set up their furniture and decorate their new home!



Jaime is currently working as a sous chef and just moved into a home of her own with her 6 year old daughter. She had a good eye for color-coordinating all of her furniture and household items. The bedding, dresser, and lamp for her daughter’s room all matched with the colors of pink, green, and yellow. Also, all of the items in Jaime’s room had the colors of black, white, gray, and silver. She could not wait to get home and have her daughter see everything she picked out!


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